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Meet Mary Cannon, a national trademark attorney, creative entrepreneur, and business coach. While earning her law degree from Florida State University, Mary studied business at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. She owned and operated a multimillion dollar art business before joining a downtown Orlando law firm as a business lawyer and coach. Mary now serves as a Senior Trial Attorney at a Manhattan law firm while maintaining her private trademark law and business coaching practice.

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Meet Mary Kogut Lowell, an accomplished business attorney and professor. She is known for securing multimillion dollar judgments for her clients, such as a $27 million award on behalf of a state insurance commissioner. In addition to practicing law, Mary has taught masters-level courses in business and law at institutions like the University of Florida, where she also graduated in 2008 with her Masters of Business Administration. Besides serving as a trademark lawyer and business coach at Kogut & Cannon, Mary is also a litigator at a well-established firm in New York, New York.

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"Mary is so encouraging and empowering. She makes me feel like I have limitless potential."

NICY DEL-SOL, A Creative Way of Life

"Mary's guidance is invaluable! She is so passionate and makes everything fun."

KAREN FINKENAUER, Helping Paws House Calls

"Thank you for seeing what I didn't see and gently nudging me out of my comfort zone! You have a priceless gift."

MAURA LINGER, Waters of Marah

"Mary Kogut Lowell and Mary Cannon are incredibly knowledgable and captivating speakers."

CHRIS LEGGETT, Central Florida International Trade Office

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